Consulting & Advisory

Secure Infrastructures build the foundation of the digital transformation for governments and governmental institutions. Today’s high Infrastructure demands for Datacenters, reliability, quality, efficiency and ecology require comprehensive knowledge and interdisciplinary coordination in the design, implementation and organization to reach the project goals with an optimal result. In this way, the requirement determination is decisive for a subsequent project success.

At the beginning of all projects, the objectives are therefore defined with us in a specific way with an suitable strategy for the project development and consideration of future demands. The project success is grounded in the early stage requirement definition prior to the construction or refurbishments of a data center. Additional it depends on the strategic planning approach and consistent overall design implementation.

This includes the deadline and budget management. For a new datacenter the analysis and risk management of the environment is a crucial task, as many risks are related to the location, for example like the surrounding buildings, roads, traffic on air and road, water and electrical supply. This risks and environment is part of the location assessment (Site assessment), done after the initial requirements and potential certification levels are defined.

In the case of refurbishments or extensions, this usually entails higher requirements for planning and realization than for new buildings where entire new structures are defined and laid out. For existing datacenters for extension or certification a datacenter status analysis is the appropriate measure to determine the current status and level of the datacenter. During the Datacenter Status Analysis the infrastructure, environment and operation (Maintenance) are analyzed and summarized in a datacenter status report. The baseline for the status benchmark is the objective of the datacenter and operation. The result of the report shows beside the status also the general positioning against certification levels and if defined in the requirement also the outlined measures to upgrade or maintain certification and quality levels.

However, the regular reflection of the project stands and, if necessary, the execution of corrective control measures in the case of deviations is fundamental for the project success.Prior to the implementation of a project or program, a vision has to be build and the environmental parameters, side factors and perimeter have to be defined. Following the start of a project is the issuance of a tender and evaluation to ensure a future successful implementation. TRUSTFELLOWS Consulting service support governments and related committees to follow a professional, transparent and competitive approach.

Advisory services of TRUSTFELLOWS support senior executives in the decision making process by provision of comprehensive information analysis and reports. A strategy and vision must be well aligned with the allover objectives. TRUSTFELLOWS Consultancy services addresses the public sector and private sectors who are working closely with the government.

TRUSTFELLOWS’ Consulting & Advisory Services is ranging from Tender Issuing, Needs Analysis, Assessments, Capacity planning, Solution Design to Project & Program Management and Operational Management. TRUSTFELLOWS is delivering all services with the emphasis of efficiency and focused on delivery goals. All services are delivered with the goal of achieving high customer satisfaction and to build long term partnerships. TRUSTFELLOWS is providing their Consultancy & Advisory Services following world class European standards which is achieved in collaboration with German partners and by following a tailored Methodology.

TRUSTFELLOWS’ consultants, senior consultants and partners are experienced and trained in methodologies and technologies with their extensive professional experience and knowledge which solutions have or have not worked in the past. TRUSTFELLOWS provide a comprehensive mix of experts and expertise, covering all aspects of a project, working closely with partner consultants around the world in case a special skill set is required that is not yet internally available.