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TRUSTFELLOWS Consulting FZE is a UAE-based enterprise offering professional services for governments and state institutions. Our vision is to provide dedicated knowledge and expert services enabling the digital transformation of government services to its citizens and seamless linkage between the analogue and digital ecosystems.

The governance of a country is supported by its core pillars such as legislation, regulations and policies, national borders, legal currency and the citizens. Security measures in all areas guarantee the integrity of these pillars and contribute to a safe and secure society for all the citizens and residents of a country. The focus of TRUSTFELLOWS Consulting and Advisory services is the citizen identity and all the services, infrastructure and documents linked to it.

Following rapid advances in Information and Communication Technologies, more and more services of Governments became electronically offered and are supported or replaced by information systems. However, classical means of identification like documents continued to be used in the digital transition over the next decades. The digital transformation relies on key linkage of the analogue elements with the future generations of electronic identification and eServices. TRUSTFELLOWS has been founded by senior professionals who encompass both sides of the spectrum. Our experience spans over consultancy and advisory, from executive level to the operation and implementation. This broad knowledge bandwidth and experience gained from numerous turnkey programmes over the last 20 years afford TRUSTFELLOWS the unique edge to deliver programmes and services to the highest level of excellence across the different sectors.



  • Passports & ID Card consulting, design, specification, security & chip, biometrics
  • ID document Manufacturing processes, procedures & personalization
  • Government ID systems implementation, end-to-end systems
  • ICAO Public Key Infrastructure & Standard compliance for travel documents



  • Public Key Infrastructures, system implementation, policies, procedures & operation
  • Digital signature and authentication for ID Cards & biometrics
  • Trusted electronic services and Certificate Authorities
  • Digital authentication of documents and transactions



  • Personalization centres processes & Infrastructure for ID Cards and passports
  • Datacentre design, implementation and operation
  • Compliance to international standards & security requirements
  • Management of infrastructure maintenance


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  • Trustfellows Consulting FZE
  • P.O. Box 44789, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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  • hello@trustfellows.com


  • +971 2 6448344
  • +971 56 6104331
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