ID documents must be both secure and compliant with official, globally mandated standards. Employing our cutting-edge and innovative security features, TRUSTFELLOWS can support governments with complete ID implementation or individual components like smartchips or polycarbonate passport pages. Once these IDs have been issued, governments can provide residents convenient and smart access to travel and related eServices. These allow citizens to securely access services online using various authentication factors (biometric fingerprints) or devices (smartphones). Our services thus enable a shift to a more mobile and digital society, providing efficient access to citizens while protecting their identity – a real differentiator in the market.


TRUSTFELLOWS services include:

Creating Secure Identities

Whether for physical or digital identity creation, governments today require robust and easy-to-use registration solutions to establish their residents’ identities. Biometric technology achieves this efficiently by quickly capturing and verifying applicant identities using fixed and mobile devices and user-friendly software. With our internationally-recognized biometric algorithms, background checks and other verifications are both brisk and reliable.

Managing identities

Once identities have been registered and verified, they need to be effectively managed. Secure and scalable ID repositories protects individual privacy. Beyond traditional functions (create, revoke, update an identity), we offer smart tools and solutions with advanced features like alphanumeric search engines etc. for the efficient management of a nation’s population.

Issuing reliable proof of identities

ID documents demand be secure information handling while being compliant with global standards. Our innovative security features ensure complete IDs support or individual component implementations like chips, polycarbonate passport pages.